David Hayward, a former BBC boss writes about his experiences travelling to Nigeria in “Not All That Fails To Glitter Is Bad: ‘My Impressions About Nigeria’”



It’s always fascinating to read other nationalities’ experiences of my beloved country, Nigeria. I have missed writing about my experiences, which originally gave birth to this blog. You may find this article culled from Guardian Nigeria rather long, however, once you start, I promise you wouldn’t need to persevere. Its an enthralling read in spite of how you may choose to describe how half empty or half full your mug is.

EARLIER this year, I was approached to do some media consultancy in Nigeria. I had just left the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) after 18 years to set up my own business, so this seemed a great opportunity.

I spoke to a number of friends and former colleagues. I had heard many of stories about Nigeria, seen the reports on Boko Haram and had my own impressions of sub-Saharan Africa.

The advice fell into two camps: “Don’t go, you’ll get…

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