Pure Wisdom From Dikko Nwachukwu

This morning I woke with my phone full of messages of hate and incitement. I quickly reached out to a few people I know across the country to say “hey, it’s time to speak up”.

Let me first start by saying this, my name is “Chukwuneme Mohammed Dikko Olayimika Dienbo Nwachukwu”. Yes this is my real name and as you can see I have ties, blood ties, to every part of this country. I am the child of an Igbo/Hausa father and a Yoruba/Kalabari mother. I have relatives, first cousins, brothers and sisters from every nook and cranny of this country. Muslim, Christian and even some who are traditionalist. I have spent time in every part of this country, growing up in Kaduna and Lagos, plus working in Abia and Abuja.

The Nigeria we love is being ripped apart by tribal and religious sentiment. Where do I go? Where do the many of us who believe in Nigeria go? It is time to speak up!

When I think about those who fan the flame of discord, I can count them. However when I think of the people who want peace, order and the ability to provide for their families, we are in the millions. Why are we allowing them to win? Why are we burying our heads in the sand? It is time to speak up!

We must win back the narrative from those who choose to divide us. We that believe we can make this country work must stand up and speak. We cannot wait only for our religious and elected leaders to speak. We all have a voice and that voice must be heard. It is time to speak up!

What is at stake is far greater than all of us. The loss is far greater than the win when we start to put ourselves in boxes. Let me ask this, I want to know in which region or tribe in this country that the good tenets of human behavior is seen as bad? Is it not right to love your neighbor? Is it not right to honour your parents? Where is it ok to steal or kill? I think we all know the answers. It is time to speak up!

My people, amongst us we have good people and we have bad people. Truth is the good always outweigh the bad but for some reason the bad always get the headlines. Enough! We that believe that this country is for all us, we that believe that together we are stronger, we that believe that it is time to build a fairer Nigeria, for the many and not the few, it is time to speak up!

This doesn’t just end here on Facebook or social media. A movement is being born that must address this and I call on all well meaning Nigerians to join this movement for peace and equality without prejudice. We know what to do, let us collectively come together and put a stop to the madness! It is time to speak up!

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