Am I the only one offended by KELVIN MACKENZIES comments on Nigerians


Maybe I an being sensitive, maybe it really really is offensive!

Either way its sad that a media professional of his experience needed to finish his article on the former oil minister of Nigeria with a bottom of the barrel snipe at the fraudulent letters people receive from Nigerian criminals.

Maybe he thought it was funny, I am pretty sure the thousands of Nigerians that will read the Sun article are NOT laughing.

The Nigerian parents working multiple shifts so they can pay for their children’s education wont find it funny.

The parking attendants who face daily ridicule and intimidation just by doing their jobs wont find it funny.

The many Nigerian students that are working hard so they can build a better future for themselves certainly wont be laughing.

Below is a screenshot of the comment and I know its just a few lines but still it felt totally…

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